"Music was not created by Man, and it is not a prerogative of ours. We only discovered it."


2015 Barlow Prize Winner


Over 120 hyperthematic and maximalist scores. Hundreds of performances by the acclaimed orchestras.


Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Julliard Orchestra, Albany Symphony, Saint Louis Symphony, Orchestre national d'Île-de-France, Norwegian Radio Orchestra in Oslo, Münchner Runfunkorchester, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Orquestra Sinfónica Do Teatro Nacional De São Carlos in Lisbon, Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome, Orchestra Nazionale della RAI in Turin, Mozarteum Orchestra in Salzburg, Orchestra dell'Arena di Verona, Beijing Symphony, Estonian National Symphony in Tallin...


Harmonies, musical scales, theories, collected in 5 books (1600 pages).

3rd Symphony mov.V - A. E. Colla

Italian composer Alberto Colla has, within the past few years, established himself as one of the most prolific young composers of Europe.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association


Nothing less than a big bang in which the sounds seem to emerge from cosmic spaces, a striking orchestral galaxy imbued with the most unusual timbral effects.



Alberto Colla has proven to possess more than just the freshness and enthusiasm expected of a composer making his debut in the agon of musical theatre. He has the maturity of a Class A composer.

Corriere della Sera


From the formidable entrance of the brass section, the page re-creates the expression of all the characteristics of symphonic music and the Post-Romantic tone poems with a command that is both uninhibited and ingenious.



Colla is a wagnerian musician of the third millennium.

La Stampa


The Colla piece [...] struck me as an energetic, sometimes raucous, ultimately trivial Technicolor travelogue for overstuffed orchestra: the soundtrack to an invisible film.

Chicago Tribune


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Alberto Colla